Let Us Help You Help Others by Becoming a Professional Life Coach

Life coaching is a branch of mental health therapy that is less intense than traditional psychotherapy treatment, but often yields greater reward for the people who choose to take advantage of it. At the Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching we know what it means to be able to help someone improve in all facets of their life and be able to live to their fullest potential.

Issues that require the help of a psychotherapist include such problems as anxiety, depression, and anger management. By seeking treatment from a psychotherapist a person will find help in feeling better about their life and should be able to form better relationships with other people. However, this is not necessarily a full progression in all aspects of personal mental health.

How a Professional Life Coach Can Help

As a person goes through the process of resolving those issues that require psychotherapy they will notice some progress with their mental health, but this is not necessarily personal progression. Achieving progression in one’s life entails maturing in personal areas such as marriage, profession, and parenting to name a few examples. A professional life coach can help a person improve in all facets of their life.

Do You Want Help Others?

If you have found yourself to be a natural at motivating others to achieve personal progression, or if you have any desire to help others live a fuller and healthier life, you may want to consider becoming a professional life coach. At the Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching, we provide you with the information you need to be able to help others in ways that traditional psychotherapy treatment may not be able to offer.

A Rewarding Field

The field of life coaching is still a young one with plenty of room for growth in the near future. With over 500,000 professionals offering counseling, therapy, and psychological services in the United States, only 40,000 certified business and life coaches are out there helping people. There is a lot of opportunity for growth in this emerging branch of therapy.

At Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching we provide you with all the tools you need to become a certified professional life coach. We are enthusiastic to get you started in a profession that will be rewarding for yourself as well as the many people whose lives will be changed for the better with your help.

Over the last decade job demand has increased dramatically for the certified professional life coach. Many people, from individuals to business owners, have experienced for themselves the benefits of having a professional life coach to help them improve their lives, and the unanimous consensus is that life coaching really does work.

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