3 Tips to Help You Plan Your Dream Boat Wedding in San Diego

If you want to plan to have your wedding on a boat in San Diego, CA, you should be prepared for the different set of challenges this opportunity presents. There are factors you’ll have to consider well in advance, such as weather conditions, to ensure your boat wedding is as beautiful as you envision. If you do put the extra planning into the event, you can create a wonderful experience that everyone will enjoy.

Keep Your Guest List Short

A wedding on a boat San Diego, CA is best when the guest list is kept short since space is limited on a boat. Even on a larger boat, you may need to have your dining area on one level and the dance floor in another part of the boat. Keeping your wedding party and guest list limited will help you create an intimate affair that will be more enjoyable for everyone.

Learn About Extra Costs

You can actually save money on the venue with a boat wedding, but you should also know that there will be a few extra fees. Find out about fuel charges, docking costs, and other minor fees before you commit to a boat wedding. While these fees should be relatively small, you should account for them in your budget.

Consider Your Wedding Photos

Make sure you will have enough room for a photographer and their equipment when planning a wedding on a boat in San Diego, CA. If not, it may make more sense to plan the photos for a location on land ahead of the excursion. This can help you get beautiful wedding photos without giving up your dream of getting married on a boat.

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