Need To Know Information About Virgin Island Villas

by | Jan 19, 2016 | Travel

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Most people have never considered staying in a villa because they aren’t sure what the prices are, what’s included or other options. In most cases, you know what’s available from a hotel and stick to what you know. However, Virgin Island villas can be a lot better in price and amenities, so it could be helpful to learn more about them to make a more informed decision.

Prices and Additions

While, at first glance, a villa can seem more expensive, you must factor in the size, bedrooms, décor, and everything else. Larger ones can cost $100,000 per week, but small ones may only be $1,500. Just remember that in a hotel, you’re likely to spend about the same and get less. For example, you’ll have a fully-stocked kitchen, complete with everything you need to make meals and will probably be in a better location.

Just remember that in peak season, you may pay more and in out-of-season times, you can pay less.

The amenities can also make it worthwhile, which shouldn’t cost extra. These can include air conditioning, televisions, radios, kitchens, airport greetings, maid service and pools.

Some places require you to pay for utilities, long-distance usage, and more, so make sure you read the fine print.

Advantages of a Villa

The primary benefit of a villa is that you’ll have privacy. You can chip in for a stay with friends or family so that no one person pays too much, but you’ll all be together in one home. Plus, you won’t be sharing your accommodations or amenities with strangers. You can also have the freedom to save money on meals and can eat whenever the mood strikes.


Because they are becoming more popular, you may need to book a Virgin Island villa several months before you plan on taking the trip. Most places allow you to put down a deposit, which will ensure you get the room, even if you can’t pay the full amount or are still making preparations.


When traveling, you may be able to get discounts if you go with a larger group. Airfare can be less expensive that way, and you’ll also save on the accommodations at the villa. You should also be prepared to put down a security deposit on the rental, but this will be discussed with you before you arrive and finish paying. As an added security, you may want to consider travel insurance, as well.

Virgin Island villas offer more advantages than hotels. To learn more or to book a rental, visit Greenbank Estate Villas today.