What to Expect on Traverse City Winery Tours

If you are planning on going on winery tours such as Traverse City winery tours, you should know a few things about what to expect. Various wineries will handle things differently, yet there are a few basic things that happen on the majority of wine tours, which can help you prepare to have the best experience no matter where you go. Let’s take a look at a few things to expect when you go on various winery tours.

1. Specific Winery Tours Give You the Chance to Talk
Some people prefer to go to wineries without going on a specific tour that is made to give people several opportunities to talk with winemakers, as well as hear stories from the owners. When you go on a specific tour like the Traverse City winery tours, you will get the opportunity to talk with the winemakers and learn their process. Consider having a few questions at the ready. You can even ask for a brochure prior to going to the winery to best prepare for what to expect.

2. Expect to Stand Quite a Bit
One thing that is true of all winery tours is that you will be standing for the majority of the tour. Many wineries will have seating for people, especially those who have a hard time walking or standing such as older individuals. However, if you are taking a tour of the process, you will be walking more than sitting. You will also most likely stand at the tasting bar as you sample various wines before choosing some to enjoy. Keep this in mind and wear comfortable shoes and clothing for the tour.

3. Start Thinking of Which Wines You Want to Try
Many times, you are given a list of the various wines available before a wine tour. This gives you the ability to start considering which wines you want to try. You can read over the list and mark ones that already stand out to you and then wait to hear about the different wines throughout the tour. If one sounds good to you, simply put a check by it to remind yourself later. This will help both you and the tour guide make the process simple and stress-free, getting you the wine you want quickly without any strange or awkward silences as you decide.

Traverse City winery tours are great to get away from the hubbub of daily life and give you a unique ability to try various wines, as well as bring some home with you. Wineries are some of the most interesting places in the world, with a rich history and incredible locally made wines. Take the opportunity to enjoy a wine tour or two and have a wonderful vacation.

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