Top Three Reasons To Go On Central Park Bike Tours

Long-time New Yorkers, tourists, and those new to the city all agree that there is always a brand new way to see the city; perhaps one that you have always wanted to try. Horse and carriage rides, for example, give a person a perspective of New York not found by walking or seeing it through the window of a car. Bike tours are becoming an increasingly popular way to see all that New York has to offer, from entirely different eyes. These are the top three reasons to go on Central Park bike tours, to help you see New York in a new way.

Reason #1: Have Fun And Burn Calories

Riding a bike is a fun and sneaky way to get some exercise if you are riding at a casual pace. In fact, cycling at a modest pace can burn more calories and help use your muscles far better than walking or even jogging. Bike tours are an ideal way to get some exercise into your vacation, or into your leisure time. If it has been a while since you have been on a bike, there’s no need to worry. Bike tour guides are professionals and will be sure to go at a pace with which your entire group is comfortable.

Reason #2: Sight See With Professionals

Another perk of these types of tours is being able to take advantage of all the knowledge a professional tour guide has to offer. These types of tours through Central Park will often stop at some of the most beautiful spots, historical locations, and well-known landmarks. They will often stop by lesser-known areas, giving you a bit of history along with entertainment.

Reason #3: The Company Provides The Equipment

Certain types of experience excursions require the participants to have equipment already with them. For tourists or those new to New York, the proper safety equipment, and a working bike may be hard to find. The best tour companies will have these items available for you, either as an option to rent or included in the price. To be safe, always wear a helmet each time you go for a ride.

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