Scenic Cruises From Victoria BC

Ferries run daily from Victoria to various parts of Vancouver Island and the mainland. However, if you want more than a ferry ride, options do exist. You will find a number of cruises from Victoria BC readily available and extremely attractive. They come in various types to address different preferences.

Types of Scenic Cruises

If you are planning a cruise from Victoria, the first thing to consider is the purpose of the trip. Victoria and Vancouver cruise companies offer a variety of options for those who want to do more than take the public ferry between Victoria and Vancouver. Options include:

  • Luxury cruise from Victoria to Vancouver: Includes a relaxed, worry-free, trip with meals and other amenities
  • Scenic shoreline cruises: This type of cruise will take you on a journey along the shorelines of Vancouver Island and/or the mainland. You can often see various marine life along the route. Some may sail as far as Alaska
  • Whale spotting: If you opt for a cruise from Victoria BC along the west coast of the Island or the Broughton Archipelago, you can see the natural wonders of the sea, including whales, as well as the Great Bear Rainforest
  • Island Visiting: Cruises from Victoria may also take you to visit many of the smaller islands around Vancouver Island.

If none of these options appeals to you, consider preparing your own package and hiring a ship.

Cruises from Victoria BC

Cruise companies based in Victoria and Vancouver offer their customers the choice of different destinations and adventures. You can sail in an economy cabin along the BC coast up to Alaska, or stand on deck to whale watch. The types of cruises from Victoria BC and Vancouver come tailored to meet diverse tastes and pocketbooks. You can spend a day, a night or more aboard the ship, depending upon your requirements. Be sure to check out the many options and consider savings available after the peak season ends.

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